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Annie Clemmer Funk
1874-April 15, 1912


This is the most extrodinary women to me because of one selfless act she committed. I hope to have a picture of her here soon.

Annie a missionary who arrived in Janjgir & was appalled that the only school in the village was restricted to boys.  Gilrs were considered less than the oxen that pulled her cart from village to village. Annie was challenged. The girls must be taught to read & they would do it in a school of their own.  Within 2 years the land for the school was purchased & construction begun. Annie went from door to door with a plea to allow the girls to attend school. By 1907 her goal was reached, & Annie's one-room school with cow dung floors opened with 17 girls in attendance.

Annie was on her way to be with her ill mother when Titanic set sail. Annie was in her second class cabin when the stewards call came to dress warmly & to put on lifebelts. After dressing she proceeded to the boat deck where she was urged to take the only seat in a lifeboat ready to go. As she was climbing into the boat a distraught woman burst through the crowds screaming hysterically "MY CHILDREN" the crew tried to restrain the woman buy she twisted out of their grasps & attempted to push past Annie to reach her children who were already in the boat. She pulled back because there was no room. Annie being true to her natural selflessness gave up her seat allowing the woman to be reunited with her children. Annie was not afraid to die!