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Charlotte Drake Cardeza

The lady of the 14 trunks, many suitcases, 3 packing crates, 2 servants, & a son by her side who had taken the most expensive suite on the Titanic. B-51-53-55 with a servant room B101. The accomodations had the amenities of a small apartment, 2 bedrooms, a wardrobe rooms, sitting room, a bath, & a 50 foot promenade, all for the mere price of $3,300.00
Her claim against White Star Line was the highest of any passenger.
A green & black lace dress valued at $900.00
A rose gown valued at $350.00
She also traveled with 84 pairs of gloves, 32 pairs of shoes (all in their own Louis Vuitton shoe trunk), a $350.00 white-lace-embroidered umbrella.
Her most expensive peices of jewelry came from Tiffany:
A Burma ruby & diamond ring -$20,000.00
A pink 7-carate diamond ring- $14,000.00

Her father Thomas Drake pioneered the manufacturing of Jean fabric, under the name Kentucky Blue Jeans. Charlotte traveled alot on her own ocean going yacht The Elenor. The vessel was as advanced as Titanic & could sleep 16 comfortably. She circled the globe many times & pulled into exotic ports on every continent except for South America. (the reason for this is unknown)

Charlotte was also known as the best female hunter in America. She also maintained a small zoo at Montebello where animals roamed in a protective environment. Thomas worked on breeding & protecting the fast dissapearing American Buffalo.