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As you all can see, this site has been greatly reduced. I have been e-mailed alot lately asking why I decided to do this. So, let me tell everyone at once...I kept only the subpages which I worked the most on and removed the others including my postcards and the Titanic e-mail. I am not boasting when I say this but my site was one of the first Titanic sites to debut and I was the first to many things including the postcards and the free Titanic e-mail, well every page starting copying this which took away from my sites originality. It got so frustrating and then on top of that 2 immature children decided to copy my site. This was it for me. I won't play childrens games so putting my site to sleep seemed to be the way to go. There is still alot here to learn from and see so look around and continue to enjoy! -Beth

This is a fantastic site, check it out!


You can now find me at the below site. Stop by and say Hello.


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