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Movie Awards



Winner of 11 Academy Awards!
Tying the movie Ben Hur (1959)

Art direction (Martin Laing)
Cinematography (Russell Carpenter)
Costume design (Deborah Lynn Scott)
Directing (James Cameron)
Film editing (Conrad Buff, James Cameron, Richard A. Harris)
Original dramatic score (James Horner)
Original song (James Horner & Will Jennings)
Best picture (James Cameron, Jon Landau; producers)
Sound (Christopher Boyes)
Sound effects editing (Tom Bellfort)
Visual effects (Adam Howard, K. Susan Thurmond, Robert Legato, Chris Holt, Crystal Dowd)

Golden Globes

Best dramatic motion picture (Paramount/Fox; distributors)
Best motion picture director (James Cameron)
Best original score (James Horner)
Best original song ("My Heart Will Go On", music by James Horner and lyrics by Will Jennings)

MTV Movie Awards

Best Actor - Leonardo Dicaprio
Best movie

Blockbuster Awards

Best Actress in a drama -Kate Winslet
Best actor in a drama- Leonardo diCaprio
Best Supporting Actor- Billy Zane
Best Supporting actress- kathy Bates

MISC Awards


The Beatrice Wood Award- James Cameron has won the Beatrice wood award which usualy goes to low
budget film directors. He recieve this award for his artistic acheivments on Titanic.
James Cameron will also  receive the presidetntial Saturn award for his work in sci-fi and fantasty films.
James won Best Director for Titanic by the Directors Guild

Gloria Stewart tied with Kim Bassinger for Best Supporting Actress' Sag Award.

Titanic won the Eddie Award for Best Editing