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April 15, 1912 after midnight

(The first call for help was sent from Titanic at 12:15)

Titanic times are all after midnight


New York time Titanic time
10.25 12.15 La Provence receives Titanic's distress signals
10.25 12.15 Mount Temple hears Titanic sending CQD. Says require assistance. Gives position. Can not hear me. Advise my captain his position 41.46 N, 50.24 W
10.28 12.18 Ypiranga hears CQD from Titanic. Titanic gives CQD here. Position 41.44 N, 50.14 W. Requires assistance. (Calls about ten times)
10.35 12.25 CQD call received from Titanic by Carpathia. Titanic says: ''Come at one. We have struck a berg. It's a CQD, OM. Position 41.16 N, 50.14 W'' 
10.35 12.25 Cape Race (land station) hears Titanic give corrected position 41.46 W, 50.14 W. Calling him, no answer
10.36 12.26 Titanic says ''CQD. Here corrected position 41.46 N, 50.14 W. Require immediate assistance. We have a collision with iceberg. Sinking. Can hear nothing for noise of steam.'' Sent about fifteen to twenty times to Ypiranga
10.37 12.27 Titanic sends following: ''I require immediate assistance. Struck by iceberg in 41.46 N, 50.14 W''
10.40 12.30 Titanic gives his position to Frankfurt and says: ''Tell your captain to come to our help. We are on ice''
10.40 12.30 Caronia sends CQ (all stations, someone answer) message to Baltic and ''CQD: MGY (Titanic) struck by iceberg, require immediate assistance''
10.40 12.30 Mount Temple hears Titanic stil calling CQD. Our captain reverses the ship. We are about fifty miles off
10.46 12.36 Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm calls Titanic and gives position at 12am 39.47 N, 50.10 W. Titanic says: ''Are you coming to our?'' Frankfurt says: ''What is the matter with you?'' Titanic: ''We have collision with iceberg. Sinking. Please tell captain to come''. Frankfurt says: ''OK, will tell''
10.48 12.38 Mount Temple hears Frankfurt give Titanic his position 39.47 N, 52.10 W
10.55 12.45 Titanic calls Olympic: S.O.S. (This was the first time in the history the S.O.S. call was used)
11.00 12.50 Titanic calls CQD and says: ''I require immediate assistance. Position 41.46 N, 50.14 W'' Received by Celtic
11.03 12.53 Caronia to Baltic: ''S.O.S. MGY (Titanic) CQD in 41.46 N, 50.14 W. Wants immediate assistance''
11.10 1.00 Titanic gives distress signal. Cincinnati replies. Titanic's position 41.46 N, 50.14 W. Assistance from Cincinnati not necessary, as Olympic shortly afterwars answers distress call
11.10 1.00 Titanic replies to Olympic and gives position as 41.46 N, 50.14 W and says: ''We have struck an iceberg''
11.12 1.02 Titanic calls Asian and says: ''Want immediate assistance''. Asian answered at once and received Titanic's position as 41.46 N, 50.14 W, which he immediately takes to the Bridge. Captain instructs operator to have Titanic's position repeated
11.12 1.02 Virginian calls Titanic but gets no response. Cape Race tells Virginian to report to his captain the Titanic has struck an iceberg and requires immediate assistance.
11.20 1.10 Titanic to Olympic: ''We are in collision with berg. Sinking head down, 41.46 N, 50.14 W. Come soon as possible''
11.20 1.10 Titanic to Olympic, captain says ''Get your boats ready. What is your position?''
11.25 1.15 Baltic to Caronia: ''Please tell Titanic we are making toward her''
11.30 1.20 Virginian hears Cape Race inform Titanic ''that we are going to his assistance. Our position 170 miles north of Titanic" (Obviously relaying for someone)
11.35 1.25 Caronia tells Titanic: ''Baltic coming to your assistance''
11.35 1.25 Olympic sends position to Titanic 4.24 GMT. 40.52 N, 61.18 W (512 miles west). ''Are you steering southerly to meet us?'' Titanic replies: ''We are putting the women off in boats''
11.35 1.25 Titanic and Olympic working together
11.37 1.27 Titanic says: ''We are putting the women off in the boats''
11.40 1.30 Titanic tells Olympic: ''We are putting passengers off in the small boats''
11.45 1.35 Olympic ask Titanic what weather she had. Titanic replies: ''Clear and calm''
11.45 1.35 Baltic hears Titanic say: ''Engine room getting flooded''
11.45 1.35 Mount Temple hears Frankfurt ask: ''Are there any boats around you already?'' No reply
11.47 1.37 Baltic tells Titanic: ''We are rushing to you''
11.50 1.40 Olympic to Titanic: ''Am lighting up all possible boilers as fast as can''
11.50 1.40 Cape Race says to Virginian: ''Please tell your captain this; the Olympic is making all speed for Titanic, but his (Olympic's) position is 40.32 N, 61.18 W. You are much nearer to Titanic. The Titanic is already putting women off in the boats, and he says the weather there is clear and calm. The Olympic is the only ship we have heard say ''going to the assistance of the Titanic. The others must be a long way from Titanic''
 11.55 1.45 Last signals heard directly from Titanic by Carpathia: ''Engine room full up to boilers''
11.55 1.45 Mount Temple hears Frankfurt calling Titanic. No reply.
 11.57 1.47 Caronia hears Titanic though signals unreadable still
11.58 1.48 Asian hears Titanic calling S.O.S. Asian answers but receives no response
Midnight 1.50 Caronia hears Frankfurt working to Titanic. Frankfurt according to position 172 miles from Titanic at time first S.O.S. sent out
12.05 1.55 Cape Race says to Virginian: ''We have not heard Titanic for about half an hour. His power may be gone''
12.10  2.00 Virginian hears Titanic calling very faintly, his power being grately reduced
12.20 2.10 Virginian hears two V's signalled faintly in spark similar to Titanic's, propably adjusting spark
12.27 2.17 Virginian hears Titanic calling CQ but unable to read him. Titanic's signals end very abruptly, as power suddenly switched off. His spark rather blurred or rugged. Called Titanic and suggested he should try emergancy set, but heard no response
12.30 2.20 Olympic (his singal strong) asked him if he heard anything about  Titanic. He says: ''No. Keeping strict watch, but hear nothing more from Titanic''. No reply from him
12.52 afternoon Carpathia sends message to Olympic giving the official time the Titanic foundered in 41.46 N, 50.14 W, as at about 2.20 am

Obviously the Carpathia's transmission of giving the official time of sinking was 52 minutes after the high noon on April 15, 1912

Thanks to my bud Teme for this info!